We get asked from time to time (at least once a year), "Where can I buy your latest album?". In the past, our answer has been, "Come to our gigs, hear us live, and take a piece of us home with you!" Well, we still say you should come hear us live. No CD* could ever capture our euphonious harmonies, our scintillating solos, our amusing antics and our boyish modesty. Impossible!

† We mean a piece of our music, not our anatomy. Who will rid us of these pestilent undead stalkers?

* CD: an archaic music delivery medium used in the last millenium, consisting of 4.75 inch discs containing up to 74 minutes of digitized music.

However, those of you who are geographically challenged, our far flung fans (fan?) residing in Japan, Ireland and Palau can now obtain our music from all the usual online suspects.

You can find us on your favorite streaming service (Spotify; iTunes and Amazon); and you can buy actual physical CDs from us at gigs.

To whet your appetite, here are some clips from our latest album, "Delta Bound", featuring tasty arrangements of classic early jazz and country blues.
‡ CDs also make excellent coasters!

Listen to clips from "Delta Bound": 

All selections arranged and performed by Outrageous Fortune