“Outrageous Fortune not only revive the rich repertoire of the classic jug bands, but this expert outfit also revel in the wit, theatricality and pure fun of the genre. They are a jubilation.”
— Daniel Gewertz, Boston Herald music and theater critic
“Outrageous Fortune’s richly-melodic vocal harmonies, coupled with their unique sound using bass, guitar, harmonica and washboard (as well as other instruments), transports you back to the early jazz and blues of the 1930s. The audience raved about the concert, and many asked us to invite them back!”
— Michelle LeMonde-McIntyre, Librarian, Framingham Public Library.
“ I’m not sure I’ve ever covered a live show by a jug band before, but yes, this was as much fun as it sounds... a half-dozen rousing numbers from this multi-talented trio.
— Geoff Wilbur, Geoff Wilbur Music (click for extended review of a 2017 WICN radio appearance)
“Rave reviews from our friends and family. Thank you so much. You made the party special for all.”
— Ellen & Lewis, Chestnut Hill, hosts of engagement party at The Taj Boston (hotel)
“We still think about the wonderful time we had at our party and what a great contribution Outrageous Fortune made to it. Everyone we’ve spoken with about the party really loved your music and remarked about how much it added to their enjoyment.”
— Joe Perkell, Brookline, anniversary party host
“We knew that Outrageous Fortune plays a variety of kinds of music, but we asked them to put together a set of jug band songs to follow the first Boston area showing of the documentary, Chasin' Gus' Ghost, a film about the origins and continuation of jug band music. Man, did they deliver! With excellent musicianship and great harmonies, they were loose but tight; as we learned from the film, just what a jug band should be.”
— Richard Taylor, President, The Folk Song Society of Greater Boston
“ That was some of the best music by some of the most understated musicians I've heard in a long time."
— The “Chairman of the Board” (retired Broadway composer), Fox Hill Village
“You were absolutely wonderful! You were definitely the icing on the cake ending the concert in a warm, happy, and footloose frame of mind!”
— Pat Berger, co-chair, Mass-Care
“I've been playing guitar for 30+ years (mostly Top 40, and "mainstream" & classic rock), so I'm pretty darn good. Having said that, you just smoked me nine ways to Sunday!!!!!!!! Awesome pickin', bro!”
— Steven Pomeroy, musician and web site designer
“I thought it was terrific! Although I was supposed to meet my son after a few minutes, I just couldn't leave.”
“You fellas are a very original group with great ideas and your originality makes your show memorable.”
“I don't know if you are familiar with the Coffee House segment on NECN. I watch it regularly in the A. M. You guys are better than anyone I've seen on it, WGBH, Public Access Cable, etc.”
— Concertgoers, Newton Public Library, 2009